The Frontier Beyond Fear live internet radio program and podcast was quite spontaneously launched by host Susan Larison Danz in October 2010, long before podcasting was as common as it is today, and soon she started her live show on Blog Talk Radio.

With 480+ archived episodes and listeners worldwide, the show represents a unique expression of authentic reflections. Before we can truly understand one another Upcoming Books by Susan Larison Danzand live in a world that values mutual respect and honesty, we must first let our true voices be heard - this is not as easy as it seems, and it happens step by step.

Susan is currently engaged in multiple research projects, including one based on over 10 years of research into visionary women throughout history ~ The Prophetess Legacy ~ Feminine Voices of the Divine.

Through the enthusiastic expression of a wide range of talents, Susan has partnered with multiple leaders in the inspirational, educational, non-profit and business communities.

Susan has a diverse educational and professional background balancing science and humanities, with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science, including an MS degree in Computer Science from the birthplace of Computer Science, the University of Illinois. She combines logic and reason with spiritual depth and intuition in her writing, research and presentations.

When not engaged in lifelong learning and a diversity of projects, Susan spends time appreciating the serenity of her surroundings in the beautiful Western United States.

Mt. Hood, Oregon - © 2010-2023 Susan Larison Danz

Artwork for The Frontier Beyond Fear based on a book cover designed by talented artist Richard Crookes.