The Frontier Beyond Fear internet radio program was launched in a spontaneous moment of creation by host Susan Larison Danz when one day in October 2010 she decided to start a radio show and then found herself talking on Blog Talk Radio within the hour.

The show continues to expand as a unique expression of authentic voices. Before we can truly communicate, Upcoming Books by Susan Larison Danzunderstand and shift the world, we must first let our true voices be heard.

Susan is currently engaged in two book projects ~ The Frontier Beyond Fear and The Prophetess Legacy ~ Feminine Voices of the Divine.

Described as a "talented and powerful" writer, Susan's heartfelt online forum posts as bridgebldr have been surfaced multiple times in the past via reader popularity to the front page of the Oprah® web site. Susan often shares affirmations and brainstorms live with other thought leaders on her popular bridgebldr Twitter page

Through the enthusiastic expression of a wide range of talents, Susan has partnered with multiple paradigm shifters in the inspirational, educational, non-profit and business communities.

Susan has a diverse educational and professional background balancing science and humanities, with degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. She combines logic and reason with spiritual depth and intuition in her writing, research and presentations.

After working 20+ years in the corporate world as an engineering project manager, software developer, technical writer, corporate communicator and mentor, Susan is currently Director of Lighted Bridge Communications, a company she founded in January 2009.

When not engaged in multidimensional multi-tasking as a Mom, entrepreneur, webmaster, author and volunteer in her community, Susan spends time appreciating the serenity of her surroundings in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Mt. Hood, Oregon - © 2010-2012 Susan Larison Danz

Artwork for The Frontier Beyond Fear based on a book cover designed by talented artist Richard Crookes.