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Dr. Ervin Laszlo: The Intelligence of the Cosmos

Twice nominated Nobel Peace Prize philosopher and international spiritual wayshower Dr. Ervin Laszlo explores concepts from his renowned career and his new book The Intelligence of the Cosmos: Why Are We Here? New Answers from the Frontiers of Science.

Dr. Ervin Laszlo

Dr. Laszlo has published 75+ books and 400+ articles and research papers. Generally recognized as the founder of systems philosophy and general evolution theory, he is the subject of the one-hour PBS special Life of a Modern-Day Genius, Dr. Laszlo is the founder and president of the international think tank the Club of Budapest and of the prestigious Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research. He is a member of the International Academy of Science, World Academy of Arts and Science, and the International Academy of Philosophy.

He is recipient of the highest degree in philosophy and human sciences from the Sorbonne, the University of Paris, as well as of the coveted Artist Diploma of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Budapest. Additional prizes and awards include four honorary doctorates.His appointments have included research grants at Yale and Princeton Universities, and professorships for philosophy, systems sciences, and future sciences at multiple universities. He is a brilliant, talented concert pianist with 6 volumes of piano recordings.

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Rizwan Virk: Zen Entrepreneurship

Rizwan Virk

High tech entrepreneur, independent film-maker, angel investor, author and spiritual seeker Rizwan Virk explores insights on integrating spirituality into the workplace, based on his popular book Zen Entrepreneurship: Walking the Path of the Career Warrior.

Riz's entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 23, when he started his first high tech company and rapidly grew it into a multi-million dollar venture. A series of events led to his re-evaluation of what was happening "behind the scenes" in his entrepreneurial career, significantly altering his views on business and career success and how they relate to each of our spiritual journeys.

A video game industry pioneer, venture capitalist and film producer, Riz has a B.S. in Computer Science and Engineering from M.I.T and an M.S. in Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Riz's startups have been featured in many high profile venues, including Inc. Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and even The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Riz has produced many films, including Thrive: What On Earth Will It Take?. Since the original airing of this interview, Riz's research and writing endeavors have continued to significantly expand, and he has been interviewed for multiple prominent broadcasts and publications.

Stephen Bassett: Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Stephen BassettStephen Bassett is a well-known leading advocate, commentator and lobbyist regarding ending the 68+ year governmental embargo on disclosure regarding extraterrestrials. Stephen is Executive Director of The Paradigm Research Group, producing The Congressional Hearings Initiative, including The Citizen Hearing on Disclosure and multiple popular petition efforts.

Stephen will discuss why governmental disclosure of extraterrestrial presence is a vital step in the progress of our civilization and will give us a glimpse of the evidence that has led him to be such a passionate advocate for the truth, in a way that is balanced, centered and based in documented testimony and observation.

Stephen frequently appears on high profile national and international media venues, sharing the importance and expected impacts of disclosure on over 1200 radio and television programs, as well as numerous documentaries. He is one of just a few recipients of George Noory's Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards (and will in fact be reappearing on Coast to Coast AM a day after this show). With extensive organizational leadership, communications and research experience, Stephen has a degree in physics and an early background in business development and consulting.

Dr. Allan G. Hunter: Gratitude and Beyond

Allan G. Hunter

A spiritual author, counselor and professor, popular returning guest Dr. Allan G. Hunter shares powerful guidance from his latest book Gratitude and Beyond: Five Insights for a Fulfilled Life.

Allan discusses how a near-death experience was a wake-up call, a catalyst leading him to discover ways we can come into alignment with our true selves and create lives of fulfillment and joy.

Dr. Allan G. Hunter is the author of 12 life-changing books. With a PhD in English Literature from Oxford University, Allan started his career working with troubled adolescents, later teaching prisoners in Massachusetts. He provides one-one-one assistance through his spiritual counseling and coaching (online too!) and continues to teach.

Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart

How can we follow the astonishing voices of our hearts to create lives of purpose, authenticity and joy? Inspiring author and filmmaker Baptist de Pape Baptist de Pape followed his own heart to launch and co-create the phenomenal The Power of the Heart film and book duo capturing the attention of the world right now.

From the director of The Secret, The Power of the Heart movie reveals the amazing power and wisdom of the heart through the voices of worldwide wayshowers such as Paulo Coelho, Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Isabel Allende and Eckhart Tolle. Baptist de Pape is the author of the book by the same name, revealing insights of eighteen of the world's greatest spiritual thinkers, authors, and scientists regarding how our hearts can guide us beyond limitations to our highest, most fulfilling potentials. Much more than a physical organ, truly following our hearts can lead to a dramatic transformation of every aspect of our lives.

Baptist de Pape's own path is one purely from the heart. After graduating from law school, with a lucrative employment offer from one of the world's most prestigious law firms awaiting his acceptance, Baptist realized that despite working so very hard for his degree, it wasn't truly what he was called to do in the world. Feeling lost and confused, in a moment of true transformation, a powerful impulse from his heart like he'd never experienced before told him to listen, to follow a path he had never expected. And the result is before us now: The Power of the Heart. Enjoy a spontaneous conversation with Baptist about the film, the book and his journey.

David Bennett: Near Death Experience, Voyage of Purpose

David Bennett

Drowned and technically dead in a violent storm at sea, inspiring Voyage of Purpose author David Bennett miraculously returned to life, experiencing a personal paradigm shift in the process.

A brash and adventurous ship chief engineer and diver before his near-death experience, David met Beings of Light, relived his life and got a glimpse into his future.

He later discovered he had Stage IV lung and bone cancer, so advanced that his spine collapsed. Miraculously, he survived once again, fully embracing a life of love and purpose.

Susan Larison Danz at Expo

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Recent Episodes

Advancing Backwards ~ July 20, 2024

We are witnessing continuing and vivid examples of the negative aspects of what we have been told is humanity's "advancement". The real and potential failure points are immense, even globally catastrophic. How did we lose our way? How do we find it?

With degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics (and early experience in AI language model development), writer, researcher, mystic and philosopher Susan Larison Danz, M.S., B.A., combines logic with spirituality in all of her endeavors, sharing a free-flowing authentic, intuitive and liberating perspective with listeners.

Transformative Doubt ~ July 13, 2024

We are often told that doubt is a negative part of our experience and is to be dismissed. However, sincere, intuitive, heart-based, conscience-based doubt is often our gateway to positive transformation. It is not doubt - it is guidance. How can we listen?

Facing Challenges with Trust ~ July 6, 2024

How can trust in the unconditionally loving Omnipresent Divine assist us when facing and navigating through challenges? How can we be assured that no matter what is occurring, there is a reason - and often that reason does not become fully apparent until much later. Trust is the key. And be ready for synchronicities and miracles, large and small! This is a miraculous world, not what the materialists tell us.

The Disempowerment of One Size Fits All ~ June 29, 2024

This notion of "one size fits all" is often at the center of many misguided, disempowering constructs - and contrary to Spirituality. Each and every one of us is a unique and beautiful creation. We are here to celebrate just how freeing this is. Can we develop the Spiritual maturity to handle it? That is the question. We will also explore how the "one size fits all" illusion relates to harmful assumptions driving AI and transhumanism.

Love and Light ~ June 22, 2024

Love and Light. We see this expression often. We may sign our emails this way. As we contemplate the message of the recent Solstice, it has everything to do with Light and with Love - and in ways directly applicable to our lives and our world. Light may appear to be at a high point, a low point, receding or arriving. The Solstice is our teacher.

Discernment is Essential ~ June 15, 2024

Why is discernment essential as we navigate through life? Why is discernment especially important now, at this time on the planet? How can we develop and trust our discernment? How can Spirituality help?

Pathways to Peace ~ June 8, 2024

What are the pathways to Peace, both Inner Peace and beyond? How can our Spiritual paths help us?


"I want to thank you for one of the best interviews that I've ever had. I think you are just a very brilliant and insightful person. I'm not flattering you. I'm telling you the truth. I enjoyed this interview...I can't remember the last time I enjoyed...I've done hundreds of these interviews, and this is certainly one of the best I've ever had. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm hoping we can do it again some time...You know what you're talking about obviously...This one was a real conversation."
~~~Frank Joseph, Editor in Chief of Ancient American magazine and the author of multiple popular books

"Let me say Susan I think that what I often long for in interviews - and I have been doing a fair number of these - is I often long for the interviewer to sort of be there with me and to be sharing from his or her own life. So I am deeply appreciative that you're being straight and vulnerable with me and with your listeners."
~~~Dr. Robert Forman, PhD in Comparative Religions from Columbia University, award-winning author of Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

"You've been so gracious, and one of the things that I've loved about this conversation, Susan, is that I felt all the way that you really have understood the ideas and the notions that exist around synchronicity. It's just been a pleasure to speak with you, and I'm so delighted to be here today meeting you."
~~~Dr. Allan G. Hunter, Professor with PhD in English Literature from Oxford University, author of multiple books

"Thank you, Susan, for your perceptive questions and comments during the interview with Joel Garbon and myself. Your awareness shone on our breakthrough-energy field and the result IMHO was a light-filled hour."
~~~Jeane Manning, investigative journalist and author of multiple books

"Thank you for being such an amazing interviewer. You're really excellent."
~~~Barbara Schacker, author

"You are a very wise woman and that was so beautifully put. I'll always think of it that way... and I'm with you - the older I get, the more I see how we all fit together...and we need each other, we need different points of view...I appreciate you so much and the opportunity to spend this time with you. It's just been wonderful talking to you."
~~~Vicky Trabosh, author and founder of the Itafari Foundation

"I am so grateful to have spent this time with you and everyone listening... I really acknowledge you, Susan, so much for holding such a great, expansive sweet, sweet, sweet spirit, and that energy field that you are...I'm not trying to sound fluffy here, but I really do experience's really what we emanate is our greatest gift to the world, that's all I can say, and that you have a great gift you are giving, and I really appreciate that."
~~~Dianne Collins, popular author

"I did a wonderful show from our friend Susan Larison Danz, who hosted us at the Conscious Life Expo this year. It was an hour and a half interview, and I walked a way going 'Boy, we could have done another hour and a half' - it was just so much fun."
~~~Phil Leirness, talented filmmaker of multiple films, including The Truth is Out There and popular podcast co-host

"Thank you again for having me on the show. I really enjoyed the conversation, and I wish you all the best with this important work."
~~~Dr. Parker J. Palmer, Founder of the Center for Courage & Renewal and popular author

"It's been wonderful being on the show. We have had this lovely conversation - as you say, like having a cup of coffee. I've enjoyed it so much...Thank you for everything you're doing at so many levels and just for being the beautiful person you are. I can feel it through the phone, so open, and just allowing people to experience themselves...You do it brilliantly."
~~~Christine Page, M.D., author of multiple books and international seminar leader

"Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your previous BlogTalkRadio broadcasts. As a result, our editorial team has selected you to be a Featured Host on BlogTalkRadio!"
Susan Larison Danz is honored and thankful to be selected by the BTR Editorial Staff for highlighting on the Blog Talk Radio home page as a Staff Pick or Today's Pick multiple times, regularly featured among 10 live/future shows on the Blog Talk Radio front page for a decade, and often rated #1 in Live Spirituality.
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