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Wellness Coach Edie Summers: Learning to Thrive ~ Friday, October 21, 2016 ~ 2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern

Edie Summers

How can we truly learn to thrive, physically and emotionally? Inspirational wellness coach Edie Summers will engage in a relaxed conversation with host Susan Larison Danz about various wellness topics in the news, as well as discuss insights from her new book The Memory of Health: My Journey to Mindful Living & Conscious Consumerism.

At the age of 22, Edie developed chronic fatigue after having surgery for a ski accident.While physical therapy was helpful, she had to seek alternative treatment to regain full use of her knee.In the course of seeking answers to her health challenges, she discovered the power of mindful living and became a conscious consumer in her quest for true well-being.Whether you like mainstream, alternative, or integrative medicine as your solution for health and well-being, be conscious of the choices you make, because they matter.

Listen Here

Edie has her own top-rated inspirational Blog Talk Radio show The Wellness Coach. She is a certified wellness coach and a yoga instructor and has studied and trained in alternative health for 18 years. She is currently pursuing my M.A. in Counseling Psychology. She is certified in wellness coaching through WellCoaches, which is connected with the Institute of Coaching, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School.

Debbie Griggs

Sneak Previews

Coming soon: Robert Hieronimus, Laura E. Cortner, Tracie Mahan, Jodi Hershey, Vincent Genna, Lorraine Flaherty


"I want to thank you for one of the best interviews that I've ever had. I think you are just a very brilliant and insightful person. I'm not flattering you. I'm telling you the truth. I enjoyed this interview...I can't remember the last time I enjoyed...I've done hundreds of these interviews, and this is certainly one of the best I've ever had. I enjoyed it immensely, and I'm hoping we can do it again some time...You know what you're talking about obviously...This one was a real conversation."
~~~Frank Joseph, Editor in Chief of Ancient American magazine and the author of multiple popular books

"I am so grateful to have spent this time with you and everyone listening... I really acknowledge you, Susan, so much for holding such a great, expansive sweet, sweet, sweet spirit, and that energy field that you are...I'm not trying to sound fluffy here, but I really do experience it...it's really what we emanate is our greatest gift to the world, that's all I can say, and that you have a great gift you are giving, and I really appreciate that."
~~~Dianne Collins, leading authority in new world thinking

"Oh bless you, darling, it's been so wonderful...at some point in the future, let's do it again!"
~~~Stewart Pearce, world renowned as an expert voice coach and angelic visionary (who has coached wonderful people such as Princess Diana and Vanessa Redgrave

"I did a wonderful show from our friend Susan Larison Danz, who hosted us at the Conscious Life Expo this year. It was an hour and a half interview, and I walked a way going 'Boy, we could have done another hour and a half' - it was just so much fun."
~~~Phil Leirness, talented filmmaker of multiple films, including The Truth is Out There and popular podcast co-host

"Let me say Susan I think that what I often long for in interviews - and I have been doing a fair number of these - is I often long for the interviewer to sort of be there with me and to be sharing from his or her own life. So I am deeply appreciative that you're being straight and vulnerable with me and with your listeners."
~~~Dr. Robert Forman, PhD in Comparative Religions from Columbia University, award-winning author of Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be

"Thank you for all you're doing with your show. It's incredibly important…keep going, dear!"
~~~Dr. P. M. H. Atwater, one of the top near-death experience experts in the world

"Susan, thank you for a terrific interview, and let me tell you, it makes all the difference in the world to have a host who is informed and interested and who's had a look at the book."
~~~Dr. Susan B. Martinez, PhD in Anthropology from Columbia University, author of The Lost History of the Little People: Their Spiritually Advanced Civilizations Around the World

"Thank you, Susan, for your perceptive questions and comments during the interview with Joel Garbon and myself. Your awareness shone on our breakthrough-energy field and the result IMHO was a light-filled hour."
~~~Jeane Manning, investigative journalist, co-author of Breakthrough Power: How Quantum-Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World

"Thank you again! I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and think you do a brilliant job! It is sooooo much easier to talk with an interviewer who is friendly, open and brings so much of herself to the conversation. You had such wonderful insights and questions. It made for a real interchange, I think!"
~~~Cat Bennett, artist & author of multiple books, including Making Art a Practice: 30 Ways to Paint a Pipe (How to Be the Artist You Are)

"Thanks, Susan. It's always a joy. You're such an inspiration to all of us who get the privilege to hear you or meet you - and I've done both - and I'm just thankful that you are on the planet and part of the plan."
~~~Carlton Pearson, former evangelical mega-church minister, progressive spiritual teacher and author of The Gospel of Inclusion

"You've been so gracious, and one of the things that I've loved about this conversation, Susan, is that I felt all the way that you really have understood the ideas and the notions that exist around synchronicity. It's just been a pleasure to speak with you, and I'm so delighted to be here today meeting you."
~~~Dr. Allan G. Hunter, PhD in English Literature from Oxford University, author of multiple books, including The Path of Synchronicity: Align Yourself with Your Life's Flow

"It's been wonderful being on the show. We have had this lovely conversation - as you say, like having a cup of coffee. I've enjoyed it so much...Thank you for everything you're doing at so many levels and just for being the beautiful person you are. I can feel it through the phone, so open, and just allowing people to experience themselves...You do it brilliantly."
~~~Christine Page, M.D., author of multiple books and international seminar leader

"Congrats! We have listened to and enjoyed your previous BlogTalkRadio broadcasts. As a result, our editorial team has selected you to be a Featured Host on BlogTalkRadio!"
Susan Larison Danz is honored and thankful to be selected by the BTR Editorial Staff for highlighting on the Blog Talk Radio home page as a Staff Pick or Today's Pick multiple times, featured regularly among 8 live shows on the Blog Talk Radio front page and often rated #1 in Live Spirituality, especially in light of the overall number of shows and expanding reach of the network. Blog Talk Radio reports: "1,800 shows created per day, 15,000+ active hosts and 40 million listeners/month."

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Recent Highlights

Mark David Gerson: Winning Social Media Strategies for Authors ~ October 17, 2016

Award-winning author and inspiring teacher Mark David Gerson returns to the show to share powerful insights from his new book Engage!: Winning Social Media Strategies for Authors.

Mark David Gerson

A masterful social media creator, Mark David is the internationally acclaimed author of 14 books, including After Sara's Year (The Sara Stories), Sara's Year, The Q'ntana Trilogy and The Voice of the Muse: Answering the Call to Write. He has written multiple popular books assisting writers, a personal memoir and more.

Mark David has created screenplay adaptations of The Q'ntana Trilogy, on their way to becoming a trio of epic motion pictures. Mark David's You are a Writer meditation continues to inspire many thousands on YouTube, and he has also produced a The Voice of the Muse meditation set for writers.

Listen Here

As a coach, mentor and seminar leader for more than two decades, Mark David has guided writers and non-writers alike to connect with their innate wisdom, open to their creative power and express themselves with ease. Mark David assists groups and individuals worldwide with breakthrough experiences, taking dreams to an entirely new level, so that they can finally translate to reality, often well beyond the dreams themselves.

Live Readings with Popular Intuitive Debbie Griggs ~ October 15, 2016

Debbie Griggs

Join Debbie Griggs, one of the top intuitives in the world, for another wonderful night of high vibrational reflections and free guidance for callers and chat room participants. Debbie will help callers explore truth and purpose and can assist intuitively with all aspects of life, as well as emotional and physical healing.

Debbie is an intuitive photo detective, often assisting investigators with cold cases and a part of the highly selective "Find Me" network.

Listen Here

For all types of readings, Debbie is particularly effective when working with pictures with eyes clearly visible, either of you or of someone you have a question about. Please send pictures along with the area code you will be calling from or your chat room ID, and your first name, to powerfulpsychi@blackfoot.net.

Debbie has assisted thousands of people through her powerful intuitive guidance, regularly appearing at popular Expos and internationally on radio.

Evelyn C. Rysdyk: Female Shamanic Wisdom ~ October 11, 2016

Evelyn C. Rysdyk

Internationally recognized shamanic healer and teacher Evelyn C. Rysdyk eveals the wisdom of female shamans throughout history, reflecting upon her new book The Norse Shaman: Ancient Spiritual Practices of the Northern Tradition. At the northern fringes of Europe, Christianity did not displace the original Shamanic practices until the end of the Viking age, resulting in myths, folk traditions and written records surviving, conveying the European shaman's world of long ago.

Evelyn's exploration is not strictly historical. She provides step-by-step instructions on how to recreate ancient ceremonies for those being led to fulfill their shamanic callings, a gateway to personal healing and a wondrous harmonious relationship with the Earth.

Listen Here

founding member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners and a presenter for international events such as the Shamanism Summit and the Year of Ceremony, Evelyn is also the author of Spirit Walking: A Course in Shamanic Power, Modern Shamanic Living and A Spirit Walker's Guide to Shamanic Tools.

Evelyn delights in supporting people to remember their sacred place in All That Is. Whether through face-to-face contact with individual patients, workshop groups and conference participants, or through the printed word--Evelyn uses her loving humor and passion to open people's hearts and inspire them to live more joyful, fulfilling and purposeful lives.

Joan Cerio: Astonishing Ascension Effects ~ October 7, 2016

Joan Cerio

Author, speaker, and visionary scientist Joan Cerio returns to the show to discuss discuss the astonishing transformational effects of the Ascension process. Joan will be focusing on her book In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul. Joan will also explore the current large coronal hole and solar winds, galactic cosmic rays and an astrology update. We will discuss Hurricane Matthew as well.

With a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Science degree in Science Education, Joan beautifully blends science with spirituality in a seamless way we can all understand.

Listen Here

Joan is a well-known workshop facilitator, the creator of Integrative Message Therapy and the founder of Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery. She is also the author of Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires.

Richard Barrett: A New Psychology of Human Well-Being ~ October 3, 2016

Richard Barrett

Brilliant world wayshower Richard Barrett integrates far-reaching research and theory with an expansive visionary perspective to explore what truly influences psychological well-being and how we can grow in an energetically balanced way. Richard's new book is A New Psychology of Human Well-Being: An Exploration of the Influence of Ego-Soul Dynamics on Mental and Physical Health.

One of the most profoundly integrative thought leaders of our time, Richard Barrett regularly speaks internationally and is the author of multiple books, exploring the evolution of human values in business and society. He is the founder and chairman of the Barrett Values Centre, a Fellow of the World Business Academy and Former Values Coordinator at the World Bank.

Listen Here

He is the creator of the internationally recognized Cultural Transformation Tools (CTT) which have been used to support more than 6,000 organizations on their transformational journeys. To date, more than 5,000 change agents, consultants and coaches have been trained by the Barrett Values Centre to use the Cultural Transformation Tools in over 50 countries.

Live Intuitive Mini Sessions with JoyRae Freeman: Pyramid of Healing ~ October 1, 2016

JoyRae Freeman

Pyramid of Healing: Physical, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual. Experience a special evening of insights on healing and romance with Divine Light Master Healer and popular "Cosmic Cupid" JoyRae Freeman including mini sessions with callers. JoyRae is a Spiritual Warrior, Writer, Radio Producer, Transformational Retreat & Workshop Facilitator, Business Consultant and Healer in multiple modalities.

A former matchmaker in Beverly Hills, Joy Rae now assists people with "Conscious Mating", based on her passionate interest in creating better solutions for "the mating game".

Listen Here

One of JoyRae's greatest rewards is in empowering others. Her radio program "Joy to the World" has received multiple International Communicator awards.

JoyRae will be leading a Two Day Reikigong* ENERGY HEALING Workshop at Journeys ~ A Center For Your Soul in Salem, Oregon Oct. 8-9. Pre-registration is required by Oct. 5.

Dr. Robert Forman: Navigating Through Change ~ September 30, 2016

Dr. Robert Forman

How can we honestly explore and navigate through change in the most authentic way? How can we learn to trust? Dr. Robert Forman returns to the show for a time of heartfelt reflection. Bob is the creator of the SoulJazz program, Founder and Director of the Forge Institute for Spirituality & Social Change and one of the top experts on Mysticism in the world. He is the author of the highly acclaimed memoir Enlightenment Ain't What It's Cracked Up to Be: A Journey of Discovery, Snow and Jazz in the Soul.

Listen Here

Bob has 20+ years experience as a Professor of Comparative Religions, with a PhD from Columbia University and professorships at City University of New York and Vassar College. He is the author of over ten books, as well as the Co-Founder of the Journal on Consciousness Studies. He also provides one-on-one assistance through his spiritual counseling practice and is a hospital chaplain. The lessons Bob has to share are always vital and real, straight from the heart.

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